The Best Gift Ideas for Vinyl Lovers

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May 20th, 2023

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Vinyl record sales have been on the rise for the last 15 years, even overtaking CD sales in 2022. A combination of OG collectors adding to their stash and a rebirth among younger listeners has seen the value of vinyl increasing.

But what do you buy the record lover that already has all their favourites on the shelf?

Here, we take a look at 15 essential gifts to put a smile on the face of any record lover. (And the perfect compliment to our Essential album range!)

The Best Gift Ideas for Vinyl Lovers

So Young Magazine Subscription

An old-school music medium isn’t just about traditional artists. Some of the most important artists in any vinyl collection are the new, alternative and underground conversation starters – bringing a new sound to the classic medium.

So Young specialise in bringing underrepresented and up-and-coming artists to the forefront, inspiring the next vinyl record purchase. We love ’em.

With the difficult landscape print media now faces, a magazine subscription is not only a perfect gift for anyone looking to stay in the know, but an important purchase in support of upholding the beloved music print community.

Rough Trade Tote Bag

Vinyl is delicate and can be damaged when not transported or stored properly – and vinyl lovers may even face the challenge of getting their latest buys home from the record store safely.

With one of our stylish, secure and (frankly) iconic tote bags, getting newly acquired vinyl home in one piece has never been easier. They also double up as an ultra-cool general carryall, beach bag, plastic free shopper… the list goes on.

Instant Camera

Nothing screams ‘vintage’ like a picture of a vinyl collection taken with an instant camera.

This is the perfect gift idea for a loved one who wants to photograph their vinyl collection in a style eliciting a strong pre-2000s analogue feel that blends in well with the hobby of vinyl collecting. Maybe they can even create a portable scrapbook of their collection to show off to other collectors?

Check out this Polaroid Now Generation 2 with David Bowie i-Type film.

Amy Winehouse Foundation Line – Fred Perry


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