Rough Trade x Signature Brew

Rough Trade Records
March 21st, 2023

Brewed with music. We are thrilled to announce our brand new partnership with London-based brewers Signature Brew – now serving in store! Founded in 2011, Signature Brew takes pride...

Recounting: A Fistful of Peaches by Black Honey

Rough Trade Records
March 17th, 2023

“The world is a shitshow, nobody is perfect and we’re all just trying to get by the best way we can…” Izzy Baxter Phillips (lead singer and guitarist), Chris...

Can You Recycle Vinyl Records?

Rough Trade Records
March 15th, 2023

But what can you do with used or worn vinyl that avoids contributing to the almost 400 million tonnes of waste produced globally every year? In this guide, we...

Shoplifting with Frankie Rose

Rough Trade Records
March 15th, 2023

Electronic art-pop artist Frankie Rose came by the shop ahead of her newest release Love As Projection. Photos by Olivia Cummings Formerly of bands Vivian Girls and Beverly, Frankie...

On The Rise: Joanna Sternberg

Rough Trade Records
March 10th, 2023

Musical medicine for all. Following the release of debut album Then I Try Some More and a two-week tour opening for Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) in 2019, singer, songwriter,...

Shoplifting with Junior Boys

Rough Trade Records
March 9th, 2023

Producer Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys joins us to chat about his favorite Canadian artists ahead of the electronic duo’s US tour. Photos by Olivia Cummings Canada’s electronic duo...

On The Rise: superviolet

Rough Trade Records
March 7th, 2023

The Sidekicks’ Steven Ciolek introduces superviolet, a new solo project that includes a close collaboration with Saintseneca’s Zac Little and Sidekicks drummer Matty Sanders. The debut album from superviolet...

Rough Trade Essential: Britpop

Rough Trade Records
March 4th, 2023

“If punk was about getting rid of hippies, then I’m getting rid of grunge!” Damon Albarn Regional accents, a new upbeat form of rock, records which sold in their...

Recounting: Food For Worms by Shame

Rough Trade Records
March 2nd, 2023

Photo by Pooneh Ghana “If this is the Lamborghini of Shame records, the next one’s gonna be a fucking flying car that also doubles up as a submarine and...

Album of the Month – March 2023

Rough Trade Records
March 1st, 2023

Dead Oceans Headbanging punk meets sensitive moments, as the South London rockers return with new tricks on exploratory new album Food For Worms.   Transparent red vinyl + bonus...

Shoplifting with Tourist

Rough Trade Records
February 28th, 2023

Electronic artist, producer, and songwriter Tourist sits down to chat about the albums that shaped him and where the name “Tourist” originated. Photos by Olivia Cummings The Grammy award...

Album of the Month – March

Rough Trade Records
February 24th, 2023

Dead Oceans Headbanging punk meets sensitive moments, as the South London rockers return with new tricks on exploratory new album ‘Food For Worms‘.   Transparent red vinyl + bonus...