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January 25th, 2024

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Six cool cats defy genre.

Ranking between the “7th and 2nd best guitar bands in London” and with fans including Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Kapranos, UK experimentalists Blue Bendy are set to release their debut proper in April of 2024.

So Medieval is a heady, exploratory mix of fine, frenetic creative heights. The songs are at times erratic, but impeccably formed and there are elements of beautiful, highly organised chaos throughout.

“Some of the main themes of the album are sadness, happiness, chivalry, dread and breakups, set to ‘splayed post-rock and micro-cataclysms’ (The Guardian, 2023)”

Blue Bendy are a band to get lost in and their new record wraps the listener up in a distinctive aura, an energy field dense in emotive atmosphere. They’ve clearly built on the sonics initially demonstrated on 2022 EP Motorbike and extended their reach to the far flung corners of the experimental realm, to impressive effect.

This is seriously good guitar music for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Indulge.

Blue Bendy – So Medieval

White vinyl + Rough Trade Exclusive fanzine.


For fans of: Squid, cowboyy, Folly Group

We’re excited to announce Blue Bendy as part of Rough Trade On The Rise, our dedicated curation putting a spotlight on the emerging music we are the most excited for you to hear, to follow and become a fan of. Read on to discover more about the band in their own words and check out debut album So Medieval on The state51 Conspiracy.

Blue Bendy on Blue Bendy

A self-penned bio

Five by Five

5 Qs, 5 As

Describe Blue Bendy in 5 words.

Six cool cats defy genre.

5 records you listened to prior to making your album?

Caroline Polacheck – Desire I Want To Turn Into You
Judee Sill – Judee Sill
Broadcast – The Noise Made By People
Chaves – Riding The Fader
Marching Church – Telling It Like It Is

Top 5 career moments since forming?

Touring with Squid on the UK + IE leg of their O Monolith tour, Glasgow’s Barrowlands and London’s Troxy being highlights.
Popping a bottle of cheap Cava to celebrate wrapping the album.
Stepping onto the Green Man 2022 Rising Stage with walk on music at our first proper festival.
Getting our first play 6 music by Lauren Laverne and hearing her discuss Arthur’s love-life whilst introducing the song.
Our first fan art from @happysappynaoko.

You host a pre-release listening party for the album. Who are your 5 VIP guests (dead or alive)?

Kate Moss
William Blake 
Elton John
Catherine of Siena

Top 5 essential tour snacks?

The cool, crisp and refreshing taste of TRIP Elderflower and Mint CBD infused drink.
Alka Seltzer.
GRENADE protein bar.
Headliners greenroom pillaged fruit


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