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January 20th, 2023

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Addison Grace (Courtesy Courtney Kiara)
By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer

Local Utah musician Addison Grace played a string of sold-out shows on their first-ever tour with indie singer-songwriter Cavetown. Grace went from bedroom melodies and YouTube videos to a large following across platforms and stages flooded with light and amassed with crowds.
Grace kickstarted their musical career after uploading videos of themself singing and playing ukulele to YouTube several years ago. In 2020, Grace released their first single “Sugar Rush” and was signed to Warner’s Level Music after developing a professional relationship with singer-songwriter Robin Daniel Skinner, better known as musician Cavetown.
The duo collaborated to produce “Sugar Rush,” releasing “Honeysuckle” and “Why I Overthink” shortly after. Grace’s recent release, “I Wanna Be A Boy,” was announced shortly after the singer came out as non-binary. This declaration of queerness cemented Grace’s standing in the music industry as an out LGBTQ+ artist whose sound and subject matter strike a chord with their listeners.
On the track, Grace sings, “’Cause I’ve grown sick of staring hours in the mirror / Molding cheekbones hope a new face could appear / I’ll break and bend my spine / If it’d make you say you’re mine / You’re mine / You’re mine.” This song has given LGBTQ+ fans of Grace’s music something to relate to. This is an especially significant achievement due to the number of transgender and non-binary artists such as Grace and Cavetown who work hard to get the recognition that they deserve as musicians. The relative degree of mainstream success enjoyed by Grace and Cavetown seems to be an indicator that there is indeed space in the industry for LGBTQ+ artists who aren’t afraid to share their music with others.
Their touring debut in support of Cavetown comes almost two years after signing with Level Music. Several of the shows sold out and Grace has been documenting the experience of meeting fans and playing on stage via their Instagram and other social media channels, posting clips of songs discussing some of the meanings with their large following. They also share things about their non-binary identity and create memes about being queer.
Cavetown and Grace share similar stories and similar sounds that compliment one another beautifully. Both originated as musicians who recorded in their bedrooms and both share identities under the transgender umbrella. Their respective talent and combinations of soft melodies create a brand of dreamy melodic pop that haunts. 
The growth shown by Grace in just a few years leaves remarkably bright promise for the young musician’s future. They’ve continued to produce and share honest and open music, content and conversations that bring a sense of community to their platforms and performances. Grace’s story is an inspiring tale of creative perseverance. An artist who went from bedroom covers of The Beatles to playing their original music for crowds, they bring to light the possibilities of what can happen when creatives engage with others and showcase their art. 
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