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January 24th, 2023

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This process, and much more can be referenced in the Kontakt 5 users manual.

At this point, the samples should be playing when triggered by information. 
At this point, the next thing I did was design the user interface. I first did this by writing a script to code for all the knobs and buttons that control the parameters of this instrument. It took me a few tries to write a successful script free of errors, but after some practice I got the hang of it. Kontakt uses its own scripting language so all of the commands were provided in the Kontakt users manual.  Here is the script used in this project:


on init

set_script_title(“Crotales Main”)
set_ui_height (6)
message (“Cinematic Orchestral Crotales”)

{—This is where creation begins}

declare ui_knob $knob1 (0,1000000,1)
move_control ($knob1, 4,4)
set_text ($knob1, “PreDelay”)

declare ui_knob $knob2 (0,450000,1)
move_control ($knob2, 5,4)
set_text ($knob2, “Low Cut”)

declare ui_knob $knob3 (397000,1000000,1)
move_control ($knob3, 6,4)
set_text ($knob3, ” Reverb”)

declare ui_knob $knob4 (397000,1000000,1)
move_control ($knob4, 6,7)
set_text ($knob4, ” Volume”)

declare ui_button $button1

move_control ($button1, 6,2)
set_text ($button1, ” Reverb Bypass”)

{—Making knobs work with FX}
{—Giving the knobs a set label}

end on

{—Getting the label to show the change in display/getting them to actually work}

on ui_control ($knob1)

_set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_IRC_PREDELAY,$knob1, -1,0,1)
set_knob_label($knob1,_get_engine_par_disp($ENGINE_PAR_IRC_PREDELAY, -1,0,1))
end on

on ui_control ($knob2)

_set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_CUTOFF,$knob2, -1,1,1)
set_knob_label($knob2,_get_engine_par_disp($ENGINE_PAR_CUTOFF, -1,1,1))
end on

on ui_control ($knob3)

_set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_SEND_EFFECT_OUTPUT_GAIN,$knob3, -1,0,1)
end on

on ui_control($knob4)

end on

on ui_control($button1)

if ($button1=1) set_text($button1,” Reverb On”)
set_text($button1,” Reverb Off”)
end if
end on

In this script, knobs are created and then linked to effects modules within Kontakt such as Reverb and EQ.  Every Kontakt instrument requires a unique script that will fulfill its exact needs so the above script is meant to be simply a reference tool in the creation of similar instruments. 

Step 4: Design

    Lastly, to transform the user interface from the plain grey default into a captivating, imaged based design, I used image-editing software such as Photoshop to create such an image. If you don’t have Photoshop, check out this post covering how I made a Kontakt Library Background with completely FREE online tools! The process I went through to create this background was to first screen capture the instrument interface that I had created thus far and import that image into Photoshop. Then, once in Photoshop, I used the screen shot as a template for me to create an image the exact dimensions of the Kontakt instrument. I was able to work around the knobs and buttons, creating a custom look. The beginning screenshot looked like this:


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