A Special Guest on "The Bully Proof Tour"

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January 16th, 2023

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Bullying is an unfortunate reality that still exists today, in our schools and our neighborhoods. But through good will and perseverance, people can join together to stamp out this behavior from their communities completely. And it all starts with good role models like the stars on “The Bully Proof Tour”.

“The Bully Proof Tour” was started in 2013, helmed by recording artists who shared their stories and experiences with youth around the nation. According to the Tour’s website, “The tour’s message emphasizes acceptance of individuality, promotes self worth while challenging students to stand proud.” The spring tour began this past March, with boy band After Romeo and female R&B group Be Only You. But through May and June, they’ll have one more special guest on their tour. 

Daniel Woods will be touring these coming weeks on “The Bully Proof Tour”. This tour will take him and the other artists across several states, advocating for anti-bullying and encouraging students to stand up for what’s right. Daniel will be making stops with the band as their opening act on the following dates and locations:

When asked about why he became involved in “The Bully Proof Tour”, Daniel said, “I think that The Bully Proof Tour is projecting an amazing and positive message that I would love to help spread, in order to raise up kids around the country.” Daniel explained that he had witnessed bullying growing up and was now driven to help make a change through his music and message. He’s excited to work with After Romeo and touch people’s lives. 

If you find yourself in any of the cities mentioned above on those dates, follow our social media for concert updates and ticket information, or visit the tour’s main website. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available. You can help Daniel Woods, Be Only You, and After Romeo spread a message of love and anti-bullying by committing to a sponsorship or donating to the cause.


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