Hans Pucket share new single “No Drama”

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January 17th, 2023

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a new single from New Zealand’s Hans Pucket is out now — called “No Drama”, the title track of their forthcoming album out Nov. 4th ❤️

watch the excellent music video by sports team right here + pre-order their album No Drama here.

“This song is about social anxiety, and being surrounded by very unhappy people on the internet,” Oliver Devlin explains. “Sometimes, of course, very rightfully hurt people are dealing with their experiences of injustice, inequality or trauma. I think part of the song is being overwhelmed by all of this, the desire to bury my head in the sand and the fear of who I could become if I did switch off from it all.


“This song also features our largest contingent of guest musicians on the album. “Horns Pucket” (our four piece horn section arranged by Callum Passells) and “Hans Pluckit” (string quartet, arranged and conducted by Benjamin Sinclair) bring some high production value to this track.”


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