GODSMACK’s SULLY ERNA Talks Acting: ‘I’m Still Young At This And Learning As I Go Along’

GODSMACK singer Sully Erna, who made his acting debut last year in a low-budget horror film called “Army Of The Damned”, tells Artisan News that he doesn’t delude himself into believing that he will automatically be treated like a superstar by the acting world.

“I think any actor will tell you that there’s always work to be done, and I’m certainly still young at this and learning as I go along,” Erna said (see video below).

“I’ve had an amazing acting coach along the way — Susan Batson, who’s done… she does Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and she’s, like, top, top notch. And she’s really helped me flush out a lot of things that I needed to kind of realize and understand a bit better. So the best experience you can get is to continue to work.”

He added: “I think everybody kind of looks at themselves or hears themselves for the first time on tape, and it’s a little… You can critique yourself a lot more than maybe other people… Like, ‘Oh, you did great.’ And you’re, like, ‘Ah, that was a weird face I made.’ So it’s always a little strange at first. But I think over the years, just because of the amount of videos I’ve done and TV stuff, I’m just a lot more comfortable in front of a camera than maybe some people would be that don’t have that experience.”

Erna revealed in an interview with The Rock Revival that he recently finished shooting a role in a pilot for a proposed TV series along with Drea De Matteo of “Sons Of Anarchy” and “The Sopranos” fame. Along with some potential film appearances, Erna said he hopes to continue building his acting resume. He explained, “I’m just trying to continue to get some momentum in TV and film, because I really enjoy it as well.”

Erna added, “It’s a really fun thing. I’m just working my way up that ladder at this point and nurturing GODSMACK when that needs some attention and doing some solo stuff. The rest of my time I give to my daughter.”

Erna‘s other roles include a small part in the Martin Scorsese-produced “Bleed For This” and a lead role in the aforementioned “Army Of The Damned”.

Erna said the latter movie was fun to do even if it wasn’t high art. “There’s some good action in it, there’s some good gore in it, and there’s definitely a lot of little comedy bits,” he said. “It was fun making it. It was a good experience, and it gave me an opportunity to take on a lead role too. So it was good to know that I could take the weight of a lead on, you know, for future projects hopefully that come up.”

Erna got interesting in acting after working with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kelly Hu on the video for GODSMACK’s “I Stand Alone”.

He recalled, “I surprisingly found myself very comfortable working out these scenes with these people that I thought would be a little bit more intimidating… From that point on I started just exploring the acting world.”

The singer just completed some solo dates and will return to the road with GODSMACK in 2015.

GUNS N’ ROSES’ BUMBLEFOOT To Focus On His Solo Career: ‘I’ve Tried To Do Both, And It’s Been Really Difficult’

GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal says that he is focusing on his solo career after spending eight years playing in the Axl Rose-fronted band.

Thal, who is putting the finishing touches on his next solo album, held a press event on Friday, December 12 at The Good Room in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, where he gave attendees a taste of the upcoming CD.

Speaking to Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks! at the listening party, Thal stated about his future with GUNS N’ ROSES (see video below): “I’m focusing on my stuff.”

He added: “I’m sure it’s gonna be an exciting, interesting year for everybody — for GUNS, for me, for everybody. A lot of stokes in the fire… for them, for me. We’ll see what happens in 2015.”

Thal went on to confirm that he will spend his most of his time nurturing his solo career, something that he has been unable to do properly while he was a member of GUNS N’ ROSES. “It’s what I’ve done my whole life, and I’ve tried to do both, and it’s been really difficult,” he explained. “There’s only so much time, and you can’t be in two places at once. Teleporters, no; army of clones, no. You can only be in one place at one time, and that kind of gets in the way of things, and you have to start making choices.”

Ron also revealed that he underwent surgery in January to remove a cancerous tumor and that he is now cancer free.

“It was really a quick thing,” he said. “I mean, it doesn’t compare to people that really have it and really fought it. For me, I was lucky. It didn’t spread, it didn’t get worse. They cut it out and that’s it. But, yeah, it happens. Shit happens.”

Thal‘s last solo album was 2008’s “Abnormal” and the guitarist recenty admitted that he missed working on his own material. He told The National: “The solo albums are everything to me and it’s really what I do. To be honest, I really should have paid more attention to it, even when I was in GUNS N’ ROSES. I should have been touring more and putting out more albums than I did.”

He continued: “When you are on the road, you are either sleeping or playing. When you do have some free time, you need to sort of step away and recharge your batteries or you burn out. For me, when I am on tour like that, I find it very hard to get into that creative zone of recording.”

Asked by John Parks of Legendary Rock Interviews if he has gained some perspective as far as how radically different it is for a band like GUNS N’ ROSES to put out an album as opposed to an artist like him releasing a new solo CD, Ron said: “Yes, and it’s two totally, totally different scenarios, absolutely. I don’t even know how to begin to compare the two. For one thing, in my own situation, in ‘Bumblefoot‘ world, I have all the keys to the whole project. I know I have to write an album, record it and release it. In the GN’R world, Axl [Rose, GN’R lead singer] holds the key, and [laughs] when he decides to do something is when he decides to do it, and it’s definitely at a different pace than say when I do things.”

He continued: “Axl and I are two different people with two different lives and two totally different sets of hurdles to jump over, which totally affects our ability to release what we create.

“It’s very hard to bust out anything when life becomes more complicated or you have more people trying to pull you in a million different directions or distract you. The bigger a band gets, the more that happens; so at Axl‘s level, it’s definitely not easy and there’s a million fires to put out where at my level there is maybe ten fires or even two fires. [laughs]”

Thal added: “When there’s not as many things or people distracting you or keeping you from getting in the zone, it really frees you up to do the simple stuff and things don’t need to be so complicated. But I’ve realized that all those complications that are hurled at you, all of those distractions, they’re all external, and they don’t need to penetrate your skin and get into who you are, or stop you from doing what you do, or change the relationship that you have with music or creating it or releasing it or sharing it or performing it or anything. I’ve realized that can be untouchable and nobody can change that. People will try, and people will continue to try relentlessly, but they can’t, unless you give them the power. Once you realize that as an artist, you realize that you can do anything you wanna do musically and there’s really nothing at all that’s truly stopping you after all.”

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